How to write a research?

How to write a research?

write a research, when writing Scientific research we must know that: research refers to the systematic and formal study of a particular subject or problem in order to generate new knowledge. theories, and insights. 

Writing up one’s research is an essential part of the scientific process, as it allows researchers to communicate their findings and contribute to the broader scientific community.

The method of writing scientific research typically involves following a structured format that includes an abstract, introduction, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion.

This format helps to ensure that the research is presented in a clear, concise, and logical manner that is easy for others to follow and replicate.The importance of scientific research to researchers cannot be overstated. 

Research also allows researchers to explore potential applications of their findings, which can lead to practical benefits for society in areas such as medicine, technology, and the environment.

Moreover, writing up one’s research encourages critical thinking and fosters collaboration with peers in the scientific community. By sharing research findings through publications and presentations. researchers can receive feedback, build relationships, and form professional networks that can enhance their future work. Overall, scientific research and its method of writing are essential tools for advancing knowledge and contributing to the greater good.

How to write a research?

Standards that must be adhered to before writing a research paper in English:

  1. Set a clear target for writing research. 
  2.  Start gathering information on the subject of research 
  3. Identification of sources and references used.
  4. Study and learn about topics that are similar to the elements of your scientific   research.
  5. Identify images or animations and videos that can be used.

Criteria for writing research in English and how it is organised:

The search title

The search title on the search cover page is written in great font, and the title needs to be clear and simple with the overall meaning of the topic.

Writing a gift

A simple gift is written to a person or body in recognition of those who are credited with writing an English research and the gift is considered to be a sentence or two on the first page of the research.

Research Introduction

In the foreword, you write the points you will take up in the research with one or two sentences written about each, and you can also write some questions that clarify the purpose of the research writing.

Writing Research Topic

The step of writing the subject begins with the use of information collected as a scientific material for scientific research. The researcher works to employ it in the form of investigations and subtitles.


A short summary of the topic of scientific research, and its most important findings, is written; So that the topic of research is useful and valuable in society.


At the end of the search all the sources and references you have used when writing professional English research are written.


When scientific research is long, a catalog must be made to make it easier to identify the basic and sub-points that a researcher addresses when write a research.

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